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Monday, January 24, 2011

The solution to a worn concrete patio.

With Spring knocking on our door now is the time to start thinking about early grading and landscaping projects.

Bergerac 4 piece
This might be the year to replace that worn cracked concrete patio or walkway.   Paver Patios are gaining popularity and with a ever growing base of styles and colors sprucing up your backyard has never been easier.

A properly installed paver patio will likely outlast the concrete patio it replaced.  The key is in the construction details. For Wisconsin climate and soil type your paver patio realty should have a minimum  10 inch compacted base made up of 3/4 crushed limestone or traffic bond as it is often called.  This stone is applied over a separation fabric that isolates the subsoil from the stone.
Then a maximum of 1.5 inches of torpedo sand is screeded over the stone base forming the bed for the pavers to be installed. Once installed a polymeric sand is swept into the joints.   
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