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Monday, January 24, 2011

Proper Grading in Milwaukee your ticket to a dry basement.

This is the grading solution to the picture below.  
When last years heavy rain swept through South Eastern Wisconsin, homeowners had a wake-up call as to the importance of proper grading. Once the ground becomes saturated rainfall starts to runoff. With proper grading  runoff is directed to an appropriate place like a swale, ditch, or municipal catch basin.  Improper grading directs the runoff to an undesirable location for example a window well, foundation wall or depression in the yard. The end result is a wet basement or an unusable section of your property.  Many times landscaping is to blame with planting beds and mulch creating a damming effect around the house. Plugged gutters and missing downspouts add to the problem. Oftentimes removing overgrown landscaping and creating a drainage swale is all that is needed to correct a residential drainage problem. A professional grading contractor with a Topcon Laser can check the soil elevations at key points throughout your property and determine the corrective measures needed to solve even the most complex water problems. 

The trees on this Greenfield lot prevented proper drainage during major storm events

 Some property's require a more complex solution.  Maybe even the addition of a catch basin to channel the water away from a low area.  In the picture below the pool prevented the creation of a proper swale. This comercial catch basin with a 6 inch PVc pipe discharge solved the homeowners wet backyard issues. 

Greendale Catch Basin
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Greendale Drainage Solution

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