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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

When is the best time to seed in the Milwaukee area?

The optimal time for lawn seeding in Wisconsin is rather short.  April, through June and Mid August to Mid October is the prime seeding months.  Although Landscape contractors seed all summer mid summer seeding is not recommended for large areas as blue grass is a cool season plant. One important note to remember is if a crabgrass prevention product is applied reseeding that area will have to wait for about three months. 

60% Bluegrass blend

What type of seed will make my lawn look the best? 

For full sun choose a seed with at least 50% Bluegrass for the Milwaukee area.  This will give you a seed blend that repairs itself when damaged. 

Shade blends contain fescue which tolerate low light conditions and require less watering.  This type of grass does not spread so damaged areas will not fill in and will require reseeding.

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