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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Be Green with Gravel Driveways

Is your gravel driveway looking warn? Are potholes the size of Volkswagens making the trip to your home an off road adventure? If you can relate to these statements you are not alone. For some asphalt or concrete is the solution to an old gravel driveway but why not take the more green approach and have the driveway resurfaced with a new layer of stone. 

We are very lucky to live in the state of Wisconsin with abundant stone resources.  Limestone more scientifically Dolomite ( is plentiful in the Milwaukee area. Take a drive though Waukesha, Elm Grove and Wauwatosa and one sees lannon stone retaining walls as common place.
Crush this stone and what you have is one of the best road building materials around.  This crushed "Limestone" is call traffic bond  or TB and it does what the name implies. Three quarter TB makes for the perfect material to resurface your driveway with. Hire a grading contractor with a box scraper for a smooth level driveway.   


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